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Heather and John Mana Dog Center Dogs

In 2019 we achieved a years-long dream of moving out of the Denver Metro area to our dream property: a 45 acre ranch in the beautiful rolling hills of Elbert County. Our vision for our home includes creating a superior facility and environment for training camp and boarding dogs, as well as establishing a place where people can learn more about dog sports. We are committed to providing the highest level of care and respect for the dogs entrusted with us. We consider them an extended part of our own family!


Training Philosophy

Heather Ratynski began training dogs as a young girl with her rough collie which she showed and trained as a junior handler in AKC. As a young adult she embarked on what would become a near life-long career focused on animals...from veterinary medicine to animal nonprofit management to the pet retail industry, she has a wide variety of professional experience coupled with extensive volunteer service. Throughout it all, her passion has always been dogs and she began her dog sport and training journey over 10 years ago.


Since then, she has co-founded and served as president of Rocky Mountain DockDogs, competed at a club and national level for the sport of Mondioring, trialed and trained in a variety of sports such as agility, nose work, lure coursing and rally obedience, and attended hundreds of hours of training seminars and educational events by some of the most respected individuals in the dog training and sport world. She believes in ongoing education and approaches all dogs as individuals, catering the training to their specific needs. She currently shares her life with her husband and their eight dogs and two donkeys.


Heather's training philosophy is centered on the core values of respect, clear communication and a balanced approach using motivational techniques, relationship building and fair corrections for undesired behavior. Her goal is to help people build a better bond with their dog, to encourage a fun approach to training, and to minimize frustration fueled by miscommunication.

Heather and her Labs
Heather with her Dutch Shepherds
Lab Dock Diving DockDogs

About Our Name

Mana is a fundamental element of Hawaiian culture and is the life force, energy and power within all living things. It is believed that if you put forth good mana, it will be returned to you.

Our life with dogs is best served the same way through finding our power within and utilizing it in a positive way to promote health and happiness.

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